It stilll turning around


I keep turning my head to accept something lucky fate on me. Something which should take me to a better life. Too much memories here. a lots of kind feelings. Unnamed passion, broken heart, empty faith, hot scene, and so on and on. And I should keep to turning my mind to accept this. I guess someday somehow it will change. Or will be totally different. And I’m stopping to keep turing my head on.
All I wanna feel now is just like comeback to those moment and spell every words I never couldn’t ever spelled yet.
I just miss something but I don’t know what is it. Want to lay my body but don’t know whom I want to lying on.
But for sure it is not about confusion. I just miss something. Some pieces scattered in my heart. Feel want unite it and defining. keep that bundle, lock it away. I just miss something, not someone. And it still turning araound. Something spin in my heart. Displaying one by one the scene. Those scene made me sharp shaped.
God gave me this to make me keep learning day by day. That’s why I love You.
And now I have no scene. That’s why I miss it. And I need to make a scene again. Learning to make not made.


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