what the hell with the name people call love


I don’t know how it this. I don’t know what’s wrong in here. I don’t know why it always end up like this. I don’t know why I’m so stressed up on it. But all of it are so fucking me up !

Still with the words I don’t know. I don’t know what God bring to me. I don’t know who is wrong, who is right. I don’t know until when I would able to stand face it all.

Cries. Anger. Disappointed.

I’m trying so soo hard God to wipe my tears. To stand up straight. To tell the world that I’m still strong enough to all of your trial. To act happy, cheerful front of people. To pass my day. To work daily. To taking breath deeply whereas it getting shallow. I’m trying really so hard to be looked fine. I’m good. Nothing happened at all. I miss home. I haven’t know my home yet now, God.

What’s wrong ? Just tell me what’s wrong. Still don’t know what is the root cause. How long I should stand on my faith. Why do you still not answer me. I really don’t know what will be I am. God.


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